My fee for a 50-minute session is $160.  Many clients can pay this fee and I ask them to do so.

If you cannot afford the full fee but believe I may be a good match for you, let’s meet once. At that appointment we can work together to find a fee that is acceptable to both of us. My fee is due at the conclusion of each session.

For more information about the fee for group therapy, please contact me.


Your insurance plan may reimburse a substantial portion of the cost of therapy under out-of-network benefits.  I will provide you with a statement to submit to your insurance company containing the information required for reimbursement.  I cannot guarantee that your insurance plan will reimburse you.

If you want to submit claims for reimbursement, I recommend that you contact your insurance plan to verify your out-of-network benefit prior to beginning treatment. Most insurance cards list a member services phone number to call.

I offer a free phone consultation, so please contact me today.