Group Therapy

Research demonstrates that group therapy is an effective way to develop more gratifying relationships. It can offer the chance to safely and deeply connect with others in an honest and caring way.  In group therapy, you may see that you are not as alone as you imagined. You are likely to find that other members will resonate with your most significant feelings.  You will find that fellow members embrace your honesty and courage.  You will feel less alone, more hopeful and encouraged to become the person you want to be.  With the support of your fellow members, you will find the inner resources to ask for what you want in group and outside of group, too.

I co-lead a weekly group with Dr. Katy Cording. Our group consists of insightful, bright, and thoughtful individuals who are very interested in deepening their understanding of themselves.  Our group is limited to ten members.   A few places in the group are currently available.  If you would like to find out if this group is right for you, please call me for a free consultation on the phone.

I offer a free phone consultation, so please contact me today.