Therapy can seem confusing and mysterious.  Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of it.

Therapy takes time.
Psychotherapy works best when you attend sessions regularly.  However, after a couple of sessions, if you aren’t feeling any relief, let me know. We can adjust the pace of therapy to better meet your needs.

Be Open and Honest.
Do your best to turn off your internal censors and say whatever comes to mind.  Talking about how you feel in the moment can help you feel less passive and more in charge of your life.

Try to be curious.
A curious attitude about your life, can help you to understand yourself in new ways and opens up new possibilities.

Practice slowing down.
Often people feel uncertain about what to say at the start of a session.  When this happens, pause to see what thoughts bubble up in your mind. Even if these thoughts seem unimportant at first, they may turn out to be surprisingly significant when we have a chance to discuss them.

Talk about therapy in therapy.
Talk with me about how therapy is going.  If you find yourself feeling passive, we may want to help you to become more assertive with me.  If you’re feeling vulnerable, we can find a way for you to feel safer and more secure when we are together.