Here are five reasons group therapy may be right for you:

You want to work on how you relate to family, friends or an employer.
Group therapy gives you a safe place to learn how to connect more effectively with others. Perhaps you have difficulty asking others for what you need, or you have trouble setting boundaries without feeling guilty.  In a therapy group you can try out new ways of relating that get you more of what you want.

You want to get to know people dealing with similar situations.
Meeting other people who are dealing with similar issues or problems can help you realize you’re not alone and feel more hopeful. Often, people find it helpful to receive not only professional support but to see how  people with different styles and experiences  work through similar problems.

You want the experience of telling your story to people who will offer support.
When going through challenging times, a group provides you with a chance to tell your story knowing that others will listen empathetically and validate your experience.  Speaking up in this way feels empowering and can help you to better navigate adversity.

You want to find the motivation to change.
Often, the people who come to therapy are ready to make a change in their lives but don’t know how to get themselves to do it. In a group setting, you’ll hear how other people have struggled and how they’ve overcome challenges in the past. Also, support and encouragement from group members can help you move to working actively on your goals.

You’re looking for an alternative to individual therapy or for a supplement to individual therapy.
There’s plenty of evidence that indicates that group therapy is at least as effective, or even more effective, than individual therapy for treating a wide range of conditions.  For some individuals doing both group and individual therapy makes an ideal combination.

It can be anxiety-provoking to join a group of people you don’t know and talk about the intimate details of your life.  It’s helpful to keep in mind that most members feel that way at first and that feeling usually passes with time.  With experience members discover how emotionally safe a group can be.  In fact, feeling that kind of safety is one of things group members like best about group therapy.

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