You may seek therapy because you have difficulty establishing and maintaining close relationships. You may wish that you understood relationships better. You would like to speak more directly about your positive and negative feelings. In return, you would appreciate honest feedback. You can find this type of honesty and connection with others in group therapy.

Encouragement and Hope

In group therapy you may feel encouraged in the presence of others who face similar problems. You also may feel more hopeful watching fellow group members successfully work through their problems.  If others can make changes, so can you.

Feeling Free

With the guidance of your therapists,  group members support each other, offer alternatives, and gently confront each other.  An individual who seems very different from you at the start of a group can become the person with whom you connect the most.  Within this unique environment you feel freer to try new ways of behaving in the group and outside the group with loved ones, friends  or co- workers.

How do I Get the Most from Group?

You get the most out of group when you  are honest and direct about what you  feel in the moment—especially your feelings about other group members and your therapists.  When you interact in this way,  you can develop new insights, courage and a sense of vitality.

I am organizing a coed group for the start of 2019.  Please contact me to discuss if group therapy will meet your needs.